Standard Colors For Poker Chips

Standard Colors For Poker Chips

As a designer of custom poker chips I am frequently asked about what the normal colors are for chips. This is a challenging question to answer as there is really no set standard.

During the last ten agen judi or so that there are a good deal of retailers pushing forms of plastic poker chips while the popularity of poker exploded. Do not mass promotion, these sets all had exactly the same primary colors. These sets contained white, green, red, and dark chips. Some times, bluechips were comprised too.

As a general rule, these colors meets the criteria that most folks would set for poker chip colours. White is usually utilized as $1 chips, crimson as $5, green as $25, and black as $100 chips. If chips were contained, they certainly were normally $10 or $50 chips, which is unusual as these denominations are nearly never utilised in casinos, if cash tournaments or games.

But, there is not any worldwide standard color scheme for poker chips.

Let’s start with the simplest colors –

$1 – Mostly white, but blue is actually a frequent color for $1 chips, notably in Las Vegas.

The colors are nearly universal, though remember that the $1 chips may be white or blue. When folks are considering acquiring a set of poker chips I consistently recommend blue to your own 1 chips. White chips have a tendency to display dirt and dirt easily and because they are the chips used usually in many games, you do not want the 1 chips to be somewhat cluttered looking.

Any other denominations can vary a lot, specially with higher denominations. Here are some more colours, though these are not nearly as standard Because the $1, $5, $25, $100, and $500 poker chips:

$0.25 – Most often blue or reddish

Now, the most crucial thing to remember when you are designing your set of online poker chips is you do NOT need to adhere to some standards for your chips. If you’d like your own $ 1 processors to become purple then do it!

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