Celebrities Who Play Poker

Celebrities Who Play Poker

Poker undeniable is one of the popular and favorite game of millions, including many celebrities. And although often, a quite big amount of money are at stake, so people possess a couple other reasons than playing for the money exclusively. Poker is a situs judi qq online terpercaya of strategy that requires skills honed as time passes. And it isn’t an easy game to acquire. Here Are Just Some of the prominent celebrity holdem players of the time:

He had to charge pro Annie Duke as his mentor for his amazing holdem career. He stars in blockbuster films like DareDevil, Saving Private Ryan, and Armageddon.

Gabe Kaplan is actually a famous actor and comedian, until he turned pro. His expert holdem career that started in the’70s has now reached more than $1 million in tournament winnings. He also hosted the television show”high stakes poker”.

Tobey Maguire of all”spider man” is probably among the strongest actress holdem players now. And he was well commended by holdem star Phil Hellmuth by winning first place at the 2004 Phil Hellmuth Invitational in LA, worth $95,480 held at Holywood Park Casino. He was also quoted cashing at the World Series Poker winning $10 million in prizes.

Elizabeth Shannon is one of the actress-pro holdem players today. She seemed to the Celebrity Poker Showdown, and joined in several World tournaments. She was clearly one of those cast at the films American Pie 1 & 2 and Scary Movie.

Laura Prepon usually plays Hollywood home matches and manhunter casinos as well as hosted on the TV series”Hollywood Hold’em”. She’s most widely known at the”That 70’s series” sit com.

He plays with Jason Bourne at the”Bourne” trilogy.

Jennifer Tilly is among the very notable female holdem player celebrities around. She won the two Main titles in 2005 – World Collection of Poker’s Ladies Event and World Poker Tour’s Ladies Night Invitational. She is the voice behind Inc.’s Celia, along with Family Guy’s Bonnie. She is also an Oscar nominee for the movie Bullets Over Broadway.

Jason Alexander plays with George Costanza role in the popular Seinfeld humor series. He won 1 st place, winning $500,000 in the last tournament of Bravo network’s game series Celebrity Poker Showdown, a holdem tournament where actors get to flaunt their holdem abilities and play charity. The prize pool which started from $250,000 to $ 1million dollar at the 7 tournament series aired 2004-2005.

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